Friday, May 28, 2010

Delhi is Evergreen Real Estate Destination

Delhi the national capital city of India there are many people with various culture and customs are coming from different state and various countries. All over the city population has spread and the lack of accommodation is resulting for the new coming people now. Although the superior locality like Lutyen’s zone in Delhi the real estate is facing a rough phase to preserve the continuity. The Lutyen’s region consists of area like Prithviraj Road, Amrita Shergill Marg, Aurangzeb Road, Golf link etc the real estate properties are selling like hot cakes.

In Delhi the posh localities are having huge prices. In these areas for many years several families are living and having their own properties which are having high value. Now really many investors don’t wants to make new investments in these areas to have their own houses. And also more number of properties is not available for sale in here. Because the families which are living here for many years doesn’t want to sell them and also the property cost is very high. Outstanding demand for properties and fewer properties are available for sale makes the property value to rising extreme. According to Delhi real estate brokers, any of the area in Lutyen’s the residential property costs around RS 2 to 4 Lakhs per sq ft. in future this value may vary depending upon the location and area unit in Delhi.

In this zone of Delhi the properties are regarding too much number of Civil servants, Politicians, Industrialists and business people. This zone is having its historical significance and popularity. In Delhi Real estate sector builders are saying that still there is natural spark which makes them so attractive. Also they said that there is a slowdown phase that tough Delhi properties like other metros have been growing. But Lutyen’s and its places in Delhi will never lose its significance in the real estate market of Delhi. Having a Delhi property is a big deal in itself and owing one in the posh area like Lutyen’s region mean having status.


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